[ConfigMgr] Deploy Microsoft Microsoft 365 Apps using ConfigMgr

Recently, I received questions about deploying Microsoft 365 Apps using ConfigMgr, so today we will take a look at how we can deploy Microsoft 365 Apps via ConfigMgr and no you do not have to go through the ODT (Office Deployment Tool) way

  1. Navigate to Office 365 Client Management
    (Software Library\Office 365 Client Management)

2. Click on + Office 365 Installer
(top right of the page)

3. Enter the necessary information and select the content location. Click Next > when done

4. Click on Go to the Office Customization Tool

5. Select the required option and click Review.
Note : if you have an existing config file you can import it

6. Select the default file format and click

7. Click Submit

8. Click Next >

9. Select Yes, to deploy the application. Click Next >

10. Select the targeted collections. Click Next >

11. Select the Distribution Point that will host the content and Click Next >

12. Select your deployment options and click Next >

13. Set the scheduling if required. Click Next > when done

14. Select the notifications preferences and Click Next >

15. Set the Alerts preference and click Next > for Subsequent pages

16. Click Next >
Note : If you face issues during the download process.

You can refer to the article here - https://www.pholtitude.com/configmgr-configmgr-fails-to-download-microsoft-office-files/

17. Click Close

You should be able to find the create application in Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Applications\

Also depending on the deployment type, Available in this case, clients would be able to see the Application listed in software Center